Hip Arthroscopy for FAI


"After 2 years of hip pain that limited my activities, caused me anxiety and really affected my quality of life I was diagnosed with impingement and labrl tears in both of my hips. Three months after bilateral Hip arthroscopy by Dr. Mei Dan I was back to light running and in the following months, after methodical rehab, I climbed 3 14er’s including one which required steep ice climb. It felt so GREAT! I never thought I could do this again and cried at the top!"

Chelsey Stillman



Dr. Omer Mei-Dan performed a labral repair and micro-fracture surgery on my left hip in September of 2014. At the time of the surgery the pain in my hip kept me from being able to play lacrosse for the University of Denver. After I was able to walk without crutches I immediately noticed a difference and could walk pain free. Within a months after surgery I was back to running and upping my rehab in order to get back on the field to play the game I love, feeling better and healthier then I had in several years. Dr. Mei-Dan and the entire staff at CU Sports Medicine where amazing in taking care of my body and getting me back on the field.


            -Brian Wegner 


After 4 years of battling consistent hip pain, this weekend I was able do a gorgeous hike up Mt. Bierstadt in the snow, and then run the Bolder Boulder. Can't tell you how grateful I am to be back to doing what I love!


Thanks to you and your team for the excellent work!



Alison Clowes

Dr. Mei Dan and his exceptional team not only kept my running dreams alive, they have inspired me to pursue new ambitions in pro MTB as well.


Michele Yates



Dear Omer 


Wanted to thank you again for your work,

You‘ve given me back a great deal of my life! First, there is no more limping!

At 3 month from surgery I run up to 15 km and did not even think about the hip anymore! It‘s a miracle and you are a magician! Thank you sooo much! 

We are now almost 6 month out and I’ve been running a lot, also uphill and have started ski mountaineering and ski skating. 

Running is a big part of me and when I took my first few steps running I had tears of joy in my eyes! No kidding!

So Thanks again 


Dr. Isa Schöffl, Germany 


Hi there! Just wanted to share some exciting news on my 6 months post op. Today I climbed two 14ers and just wanted to pass on the good news! I actually feel really good. Somewhat tight, but no pain!! I would love for you to pass the message onto Dr. Mei Dan. I know I’m not done with surgery, but Thank you for leading me to a pain free life! 

Madison Flicker.

I was born with a slight hip dysplasia that had increasingly started to weigh on me over the years as I became more active. I always dreaded the idea of having to go through surgery. As a long distance trail runner, trad/mixed/ice cimber, recovery held a degree of uncertainty that I wasn’t sure I wanted to gamble with. Professionally, I was active in emergency medicine, mountain search and rescue/technical rope rescue, climbing guiding. I got to a point where I couldn’t even put on a weighted pack, hold my twin daughters, bring in the groceries, or put my socks on in the morning. I had to leave all of my jobs. I got an appointment with Dr. Mei-Dan and he recommended surgery. On April 1st 2019, I had bilateral hip arthroscopy, CAM resection, capsular plication, and synovectomy. 


The first phase of recovery is the hardest, especially as a single mom but I had the best six year old helpers you could dream of and the support of the fantastic CU Sports Medicine Physical Therapy team. I trained myself to find the parallels between long distance running and the surgery recovery, here they are:


1. If you think you are moving at a good pace, move slower.

2. Break it down into increments when it starts feeling overwhelming.

4. Some moments are powerful and progressive and some are gritting and grinding. All are okay, revel in the process.

5. Being optimistically cynical never fails you...and stationary bikes feel like complete garbage after 100 mile runs or surgery.


Being able to start Pool therapy was immediately life changing for my physical ability. Four months after the surgery, I embarked on my longest run to date running 155 miles in three days around the Tour du Mont Blanc including all the extra summits and route variants. In September, I re-certified as a rope rescue technician, I took my twin daughters backpacking (with a weighted pack!), and cumulatively ran 300 miles, my shortest run at 27 miles and longest at 75 miles. I never thought any of this would have been possible a year ago and couldn’t help but feel disheartened thinking that an active lifestyle may no longer be feasible. I wish I had done this years prior. Dr. Mei-Dan and his entire team were wonderful and there to support  the whole way. I am SO grateful to the entire team and am looking forward to a lifetime of alpine starts and long mountain miles!

Rachel Sapp

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