The complete Hip Preservation Fellowship 


Location: Denver / Boulder, University of Colorado


Supervisor: Dr. Omer Mei-Dan


Duration: 6 month, 12 month





FELLOWS 2013-2020

- Cecilia Pascual-Garrido


- Tigran Garabekyan


- Woodley Désir

- Sivashanmugam Raju


Lionel Gottschalk 

- Linnea Welton


Laura Vogel-Abernathie

-Garret Kerns

-Jessica Lee




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"I am writing this letter in support of the CU Hip Preservation Fellowship under the

direction of Dr. Omer Mei-Dan."


I found the fellowship to be extremely well balanced - integrating didactic learning,

operative exposure, and clinical research. Dr. Mei-Dan is an engaging teacher with an

infectious passion for his trade. 

Clinical evaluations are well structured, with an emphasis on a holistic approach to the

differential diagnosis of hip pain in young and active patients. 

Dr. Mei-Dan takes time to explain the nuances of the comprehensive hip exam,

subtle radiographic findings, and provides clear rationale for surgical decision making. 

I had ample autonomy to refine my own physical examination skills in arriving at the


In the OR, Dr. Mei-Dan is methodical and provides a graduated exposure to surgical

procedures. His fellowship is unique in its inclusion of both open and arthroscopic

procedures about the hip and pelvis. He is at the cutting edge of treatment for hip

impingement and instability and provides clear rationale for his decision making process.

With the volume and breadth of cases I performed during my fellowship, I feel confident

undertaking both arthroscopic and open procedures, including periacetabular ostetotomy (PAO).

From a research perspective, Dr. Mei-Dan is an engaging thinker and creates an

atmosphere of intellectual curiosity, fueling publications. During my time with Dr. Mei-

Dan I authored or co-authored eight publications in prestigious journals. Additionally, I

presented research findings at the International Society of Hip Arthroscopy in Cambridge, UK -

further enhancing my career development.

Overall, I would rate my experience as outstanding. Dr. Mei-Dan’s Hip Preservation

Fellowship is truly exceptional as there is no other experience like it in the world. 

I feel fortunate to have had the opportunity to learn from Dr. Mei-Dan,

and the friendship we developed will serve me for years to come.




Tigran Garabekyan, M.D.

Founder and Director

Southern California Hip Institute


Omer Mei-Dan is an inspirational surgeon to work and learn from. He is a pioneer and master in the field of hip preservation. What is more, he cares deeply about his patients and provides some of the highest quality care I have experienced in my training and practice of medicine thus far. 


For his fellow, Dr. Mei-Dan takes the time to teach the thinking behind his clinical and surgical decision making. He is always open to inquiry and pushes you to a higher level of understanding. He also gives you a logical graduation of autonomy both in the clinic and operative settings. It is inspiring to know that components of his surgical techniques are unique as he has developed improved ways to perform both hip arthroscopy and pelvic/femoral osteotomies.


His vast and ongoing research in the field is testament to the deep-rooted analysis he makes in his medical practice. I have enjoyed being a part of his research group; with several manuscripts in various stages of publication and acceptance to national/international conferences. 


Dr. Mei-Dan is also an exceptional example of taking pride in one’s work and wanting to provide his patients with the best care possible. The group of health care providers (PA, ATCs, research coordinators, etc) that are part of his Hip Preservation Team are top notch and are knowledgeable, dedicated, and sincerely care about the field and the patients they serve.


All in all, my fellowship experience with Dr. Mei-Dan was outstanding; I was challenged intellectually to obtain a comprehensive understanding of the field that encompasses “Hip Preservation”, I am confident in my surgical abilities to perform hip arthroscopy and pelvic/femoral osteotomies, my desire to be a part of moving the field of hip preservation forward is satisfied with my ability to work with him on research, and it was inspiring to see a surgeon who cares so much for his patients. I see my year working with Dr. Mei-Dan as a great stepping stone for the development of my career and it generated a relationship that I look forward to maintaining both as his mentee, colleague, and friend. 

K. Linnea Welton, MD
Hip Preservation and Women’s Specific Sports Medicine
MultiCare Health System
Auburn, WA