"Dr. Mei-Dan’s precision surgery and beautiful artistry has extended my professional artistic career as a Modern Dancer after I experienced a full thickness hamstring rupture. Six months after my surgery I was back in the dance studio creating and dancing….doing what I love to do the most!"


Lyra Mayfield


I experienced severe hamstring pain during a marathon in April, which did not seem to be getting better no matter what I tried.  After many months of unsuccessful physical therapy, sports massage, injections, rest, and a doctor who told me I should stop running, I found my way to Dr. Mei-Dan, and I feel very fortunate that I did.  After looking at my MRI, he came into the exam room and told me, with a smile, “we can fix this”—finally,  an answer and a solution.   I had ruptured my right hamstring and had severely torn the left one and so underwent two consecutive surgeries this past fall. Having two hamstring repairs in the span of 10 weeks was not fun, but the second time was made much easier by the knowledge that I was in good hands with Dr. Mei-Dan and the CU Sports Medicine team.  I received excellent care from start to finish and really appreciated their commitment to getting me back to the sport I loved.  Most of all, I am grateful to have found a surgeon who “got” me and understood how important running was to my health and well being. After 8 long months, I am finally able to run again—pain-free.  As a veteran of hamstring repairs, I highly recommend Dr. Mei-Dan; thankfully, I don’t have any more hamstrings left to repair, but if I did, I wouldn’t hesitate to do it again 


Jody Scanlon


Dr Mei-Dan team,

I’m back to racing! 

I ran a 10k (3rd in age group) on November 10th, the 1 year anniversary of my surgery!

Hamstring works great now.


Ann Remmers