Dr. Mei-Dan is the head of the Hip Preservation Service at the Orthopedics department, 

the University of Colorado School of Medicine. 

In the past decade Dr. Mei-Dan lived, trained and practiced medicine in Israel, England, 

New Zealand, Spain, Australia, and the United States.


Completing four specialized fellowships in Sports Medicine and Hip Preservation on four continents over a six year duration has strengthened Dr. Mei-Dan's knowledge and interest in hip arthroscopy, femur and pelvis realignment procedures, and cartilage regeneration techniques.


Additionally, Dr. Mei-Dan has established a Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) clinical and research lab on three continents, using this modality both as a conservative treatment measure and accompaniment to many of his surgical techniques.


Dr. Mei-Dan has conducted numerous prospective randomized controlled studies in the management of sports injuries, with particular focus on the hip joint. These global multi-center projects and revolutionary surgical techniques direct current practice and treatment strategies.

In conjunction, a robust research and publication record complement Dr. Mei-Dan’s practice as he has co/authored over 60 scientific articles, numerous book chapters, and is the author/editor of the first textbook regarding extreme sports injuries.


Juxtaposed to his medical career, Dr. Mei-Dan is a world-renowned extreme sports athlete.  

For over 20 years he has dedicated personal development toward rock and ice climbing, wing suit flying, down hill mountain biking, white water kayaking, and B.A.S.E. jumping. As a Red Bull athlete for over a decade, he executed many global, media-covered stunts. This personal interest has fostered a unique research track focused on orthopedic, mental, and hormonal dimensions characterized in extreme sports athletes. As such, he was proud to organize the inaugural International Extreme Sports Medicine Congress in his hometown of Boulder, Colorado in 2014.


Dr. Omer Mei-Dan



Snowboarding in The Swiss Alps
Backcountry Skiing, Colorado
Wing Suit Flying in Arco, Italy
Blue Lake Triathlon, New Zealand
Summit of Quandary Peak, CO
Rock Climbing, Phra Nang, Thailand
BASE Jumping in Israel
Wing Suit Flying Italian Dolomites
stunt jump, Israel
Ice Climbing, Tasman Glacier, NZ
stunt jump for Coca Cola commercial
Rock Climbing Guilin, China
Ice Climbing, Alberta, Canada
Rock Climbing Sydney, Australia
Interview with Brandon Marshall
Ice Climbing, Alberta, Canada
Mountain Biking in Moab
MBK Dominican Republic
Kayaking in Judean desert, Israel
Ice Climbing, Tasman Galcier, NZ
Sand Boarding a Volcano, Vanuatu
Base Jumping, Mexico
Base Jumping Dead Sea
Swiss Alps
Bridge Day, West Virginia
Base Jump, Mexico