Hip Preservation Clinic

Hip Arthroscopy

Minimally-Invasive Hip Arthroscopy (Scope)

Hip arthroscopy is a minimally-invasive procedure that involves a device called an arthroscope which is essentially a small camera. Two small incisions are made to allow for both the camera and surgical tools. Dr. Mei-Dan developed a novel technique to perform hip arthroscopy without the use of a perineal post, previously used to distract the hip open, eliminating all groin-related complications, including groin nerve damage and scrotal and vaginal injuries. Hip arthroscopy is used to clean the inside of the hip, repair a torn labrum, address cartilage damage, remove pathological bone growth and more. 

HIp Arthroscopy
Top left: Shaving the femoral neck of excess bone (CAM lesion)
Top middle: marking of the borders of the resection prior to shaving of the femoral neck
Top right: Fully shaved femoral neck; Bottom left: X-ray image of CAM lesion
Bottom right: X-ray image of fully shaved femoral neck

Preparing for Hip Arthroscopy Surgery

Play Video about Hip Scope PreOp

Prior to surgery, the team recommends the following:

  • Maintaining a balanced diet (including calcium and Vit D)
  • Cessation of nicotine and marijuana use (if applicable)
  • Maintain cardiovascular fitness and strength as able prior to surgery
  • Identifying a trusted person to take you home from surgery and assist in the first couple of days when still under the influence of anesthesia or pain meds.
  • Ensuring access to a stationary bike for rehabilitation
  • Acquiring crutches
  • The hospital – BCH – will call to inform you of the time you should arrive at the hospital on the day of your surgery, and the time to begin fasting
  • Our scheduler will also verify this with you a week prior to the procedure

Post-Operative Instructions
& Rehab Protocols

At discharge you will receive a post op folder with instructions on how to care for your dressings and when you may bath or shower. We ask that you do not remove your dressings unless they are saturated or leaking. If you are unsure, please review our instructional videos and call if needed. The post op folder will also include your medication instructions, a Persons With Disabilities parking privileges application and your hip arthroscopy photos. There is a pain/medication tracking sheet you will be asked to fill out and bring to the first post op appointment. A hip preservation team contact list will also be provided; use this to reach out with urgent matters.

Hip Arthroscopy without a perineal post against your groin

Dr Mei-Dan is the inventor of the technique and associated surgical bed which enables the surgeon to perform hip Arthroscopy without a perineal post, eliminating all groin related complications. The bed is now commercially available from Stryker Sports Medicine and is utilized by numerous surgeons nationally.

Simultaneous Bilateral Hip Arthroscopy

If a patient has bilateral symptoms and positive radiographic signs, a single procedure would result in:

  • Faster return to play
  • Less anesthesia
  • Only one post-op time period
  • Reduced costs (time off of work, hospitalization, etc.)
  • Shorter waiting time
“From day one with Dr. Mei-Dan and the Hip Preservation Team, I had full confidence that I made the right choice. I appreciated their expertise, attention to detail and the way they listened to my concerns and questions. Their singular focus on a positive outcome is why I can focus on doing what I love today instead of a future where I may have to give up climbing.”
– Jonny Hork (Hip Arthroscopy)