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“After 4 years of battling consistent hip pain, this weekend I was able to do a gorgeous hike up Mt. Bierstadt in the snow, and then run the Bolder Boulder. Can't tell you how grateful I am to be back to doing what I love! Thanks to you and your team for the excellent work!”
— Alison Clowes

“I have so much gratitude for Dr. Mei Dan and his team. I felt supported, heard, and respected throughout the entire process due to their guidance and expertise. I am now walking without pain and feel like myself again.”

– Sophia Feldman (PAO)

“It has been ~8 months since my 21 yo daughter underwent a PAO procedure with Dr. Mei-Dan. As a surgeon myself, I have a unique insight into my daughter’s surgery. It is with great relief and gratitude that I write this positive review regarding my daughter’s experience. I purposely waited this long to be able to give a true outcome testimonial. First, from a technical perspective, I applaud Dr. Mei-Dan’s drive and motivation to actually create a “better” way to achieve the goal of the PAO procedure. I can confirm that his technique and surgical skill not only achieves the ultimate outcome of correcting hip dysplasia, but enables it to be done through smaller incisions, with less tissue disruption and retraction, safer for the sciatic nerve, and a MUCH quicker recovery with potential for immediate weight bearing. My daughters pre surgery hip pain is gone, her post op x-rays show complete bone fusion in the new position, and her surgery pain is pretty much gone unless she “overdoes it” and this discomfort is purely muscular, is rare and infrequent, and continues to improve. She is back to walking to class, using the subway, and not limping.

From a logistical perspective, my daughter lives in NYC, I live in Florida, and Dr. Mei-Dan is in Colorado. I also, therefore, applaud and I am grateful for Dr. Mei-Dan’s staff as they made the challenge of making this surgery and recovery happen much easier than I would have predicted. In particular, a big thank you to Robyn and Amanda for truly going above and beyond to make all this happen. The office is an efficient machine and truly impressive. As a busy surgeon running a similar office, I realize that it really is a team effort and that also none of that works if the “boss” doesn’t set the tone of excellence and quality. So again, it is apparent that Dr. Mei-Dan expects the same quality of care both inside and outside of the operating room.

Another thank you and positive review for the hospital pre op, OR, recovery, and inpatient nursing, PT, and medical staff for taking excellent care of my daughter throughout her hospital stay. The recovery for this surgery is not easy and the staff at the hospital really understood what was needed to make my daughter comfortable but also “push” her when necessary. Post op outpatient physical therapy with Sue was crucial and I am also grateful for her expertise.

And last but not least, a final thank you to the UC Health for supporting Dr. Mei-Dan’s efforts to help patients like my daughter. I am very aware of what is involved in partnerships between physicians and medical institutions and administrators. I can assure these partners that their investment in Dr. Mei-Dan and his staff and equipment are well worth it and the results of his efforts are not frequently found in the medical community. Five Stars, A++++++++

— Robert Feldman, MD, Neurosurgery (Sophia’s Dad)
“As a climber and Antarctic glaciologist, when I started having back and hip pain due to mild hip dysplasia and cam impingement, I opted for a right hip scope in October 2021. Unfortunately, that meant missing out on my Antarctica field expedition in 2021. On the bright side, I managed to return to Antarctica in 2022 with a fully functional hip and no more back pain. I’m extremely grateful to Drs. Mei Dan, Lee, and their dedicated team for making it possible!”
— Alison Banwell (Hip Scope)
“You‘ve given me back a great deal of my life! First, there is no more limping! At 3 month from surgery I run up to 15 km and did not even think about the hip anymore! It‘s a miracle and you are a magician! Thank you sooo much! Running is a big part of me and when I took my first few steps running I had tears of joy in my eyes! No kidding!”
— Dr. Isa Schöffl, Germany
“Anything is possible. After 6 surgeries in 13 months, I am pain free and feel more stable and safe in my body than I ever could have imagined. At four months post-op from my second PAO I completed the Escape from Alcatraz triathlon and have since enjoyed a summer filled with summiting 14ers, backpacking, and mountain biking. From wondering if I would ever be able to walk my dog without chronic pain, I am now surpassing my wildest dreams thanks to the CU Hip Clinic.”
— Kat McClain (PAO)
“A year and a half ago if you told me I would be where I was today, I wouldn’t believe you. I have been able to dance all year and I will be dancing in college this fall. I would not be able to do what I do without the surgical team in Colorado. Thank you for everything you all have done! I am forever grateful.”
— Mya Waple (Bilateral Arthroscopy & PAO)

“I have been a mountain biker my whole life and started racing when I was 12. I like to think of myself as a very committed and disciplined athlete. I have cross-country raced in Guatemala, Costa Rica, Mexico, Colombia and the USA and at age 20 I won the USA Short Track Series in the semi-pro category.

After the 2016 “Breck-Epic” race in Breckenridge my left hip started hurting. I went back to Guatemala and started searching for a doctor who could diagnose me and help take this pain away. I visited 5 different doctors, did 2 MRI’s and they all (mis-) diagnosed me with Chronic Tendonitis prescribing physical therapy and rest. This did not really work.

After comprehensive web search and visits with sports specialists in the USA I was referred to Dr Mei-Dan who diagnosed me with Hip Dysplasia and hip impingement, both causing chronic tears in my labrum and cartilage. I was offered a much bigger surgery than I originally thought I will need but reasoning and logic behind it was clear. There was a clear path, and hope. I decided to go ahead with it and had it done on June 2017. The surgery went perfect and I started the long journey of physical therapy and rehab. With the help of my family, physiotherapists and the surgical team guidance my hip recovered as Dr. Mei Dan expected.

—Alejandro Siguere, Guatemala

Six months from the PAO, while back in training, my right hip, the side that did not have surgery, started hurting. This time Dr. Mei Dan diagnosed only FAI and prescribed Hip arthroscopy, to fix the impingement and labral tear, without a need for a PAO. I was able to resume easy training few weeks after surgery.

In November, 6 month after my second side hip surgery, I got into a 3-stage MTB Race, and to my surprise I won my age category. I really couldn’t believe it. That after all these surgeries I was going to be able to train hard and even win my first race!

I am very thankful to Dr. Omer Mei Dan and his team for an excellent job.

"After two years of hip pain that limited my activities and caused anxiety, I was diagnosed with impingement and labral tears in both of my hips. Three months after bilateral hip arthroscopy by Dr. Mei Dan I was back to light running and in the following months, after methodical rehab, I climbed three 14ers (including one which required steep ice climb). It felt so GREAT! I never thought I could do this again and cried at the top!”
— Chelsey Stillman (Bilateral Hip Scope)
"I had my PAO in July 2019 and have ran three half marathons, several 5ks & am planning on the Portland main marathon next year! I never have pain in my hip and am able to train without thinking about it. Dr. Mei-Dan did a great job."
— Kandace Andorka (PAO)
“It took one x-ray after a consult with Dr. Mei-Dan and we uncovered I had impingement, labral tear and hip dysplasia. I had gotten to the point where I couldn’t even bend over to touch my toes, much less walk more than 2 miles without extreme pain and limping. Thank you to Dr. Mei-Dan and the entire team, including PT, for putting me back together. I feel human again and I could not be more happy with my experience. Thank you, thank you, thank you!”
— Noelle Moyers (Arthroscopy & PAO)

 After years of hip pain, it became debilitating when I was 37 years old. I saw my general practitioner multiple times; I even had X-rays and was told that nothing was wrong with my hip. I knew that something was wrong.

The pain was too deep—especially when sitting and driving. I was referred to Dr. Mei Dan in January of 2018 and was diagnosed with hip dysplasia. I learned after much imaging that the damage in my hip was substantial and I had two options—hip replacement or a PAO. I chose the PAO for many reasons, but mainly because I felt that I was too young for a hip replacement and I didn’t want to have restrictions on what I could do with my body. I wanted to live a full, active life.

I scheduled my Arthroscopy to repair my torn labrum and my PAO for June of 2018. The months before my surgery I was very nervous. I knew that this was very major surgery and I was scared. I knew that I would be unable to work, have to depend on others for help, but mostly, I was afraid of the pain. I can now say that the pain that I experienced after surgery was far less than I was experiencing before surgery with my hip dysplasia.

The months after surgery took a lot of work on my part. The first was accepting that I needed to fully rest. The second was relying on others— I had to ask for a lot of help and people really showed up for me. The third was physical therapy, it was imperative for me to see my PT twice a week and do my exercises at home. I felt myself slowly gain my strength back—which was very satisfying.

I am now 11 months out of surgery. I am completely pain free. I have returned to doing pilates, yoga and being a more fun and active parent. I felt so safe and confident having Dr. Mei Dan as my surgeon. I have been thrilled with the outcome of my surgery and I owe it to him. His team was so helpful, informative and compassionate. I will be grateful to them for the rest of my life!” 

— Tess M. Gallegos (PAO)
“I ski race on the masters circuit and have badly injured my hips over the years. When I was ready for surgery. I talked to a number of people and created a short list of the best hip doctors in Colorado—the ones with national reputations. They all told me I was beyond help and to come back to see them when I wanted a total hip replacement. Then I went to CU Sports Medicine and met Dr. Mei-Dan. His team conducted a number of tests and he told me he could help me. He gave me multiple options and this photo is what he really gave to me—the opportunity to continue to ski race.”
— Anne Haggar Gibson
“I recently climbed my first Colorado 14er for the first time in 2 years. My PAO surgery was less than a year ago and I am now able to hike 9 miles up a mountain with no trail! Thank you all!”
— Anthony Warman (PAO)
“Dr. Omer Mei-Dan performed a labral repair and micro-fracture surgery on my left hip in September of 2014. At the time of the surgery the pain in my hip kept me from being able to play lacrosse for the University of Denver. After I was able to walk without crutches I immediately noticed a difference and could walk pain free. Within a months after surgery I was back to running and upping my rehab in order to get back on the field to play the game I love, feeling better and healthier than I had in several years. Dr. Mei-Dan and the entire staff at CU Sports Medicine where amazing in taking care of my body and getting me back on the field.”
— Brian Wegner (Arthroscopy)

I am so grateful for Dr. Omer Mei- Dan and his team. He made it possible for me to come back climbing even stronger; he saved my professional climbing career.

Working with the CU hip preservation team and their physical therapists made the process of having my hips surgically repaired motivating and enjoyable. 

The team was so responsive and caring, and I could not have returned without them. 

2 months after having my Hardware removed (7 months after my second PAO) I did the First Female Ascent of the 3,000 foot climb, Logical Progression, in El Gigante, Mexico.”


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—Sasha DiGiulian (Bilateral Scope & PAO)
"Dr Mei Dan and his staff gave me back a huge part of my life that I had lost due to years of constant pain. Now, Thanks to him and his work I am running, racing and loving life again."
— Danni Wanner
“This is me after my second marathon post op. I PRd at both, and am currently training for the Boulder marathon in October. I've been running faster and farther than ever & never had any pain! I am very grateful for Omer’s work!”
— Quinn Andorka
“I originally saw Dr. Mei-Dan in 2018 for a formal diagnosis. He told me that I had mild hip dysplasia, and suggested we start with a scope. In December of 2020 I revisited Dr. Mei-Dan and his team, and we came to the conclusion that a PAO was the right next step. I had my PAO in March of 2021. The recovery was way easier than I thought it would be. By June of 2021, I was hiking local trails, and by September, my husband and I did a backpacking trip in the Indian Peaks Wilderness, and bagged a few 13ers. By January 2022, I was easing back into some running. I am now pregnant with my first child, and I am so grateful to have a healthy hip to support my pregnancy, which has felt great so far. I love Dr. Mei-Dan and his team!”
— Sam Turco (Arthroscopy & PAO)

I was born with a slight hip dysplasia that had increasingly started to weigh on me over the years as I became more active. I always dreaded the idea of having to go through surgery. As a long distance trail runner, trad/mixed/ice cimber, recovery held a degree of uncertainty that I wasn’t sure I wanted to gamble with. 

— Rachel Sapp (PAO)

Professionally, I was active in emergency medicine, mountain search and rescue/technical rope rescue, climbing guiding. I got to a point where I couldn’t even put on a weighted pack, hold my twin daughters, bring in the groceries, or put my socks on in the morning. I had to leave all of my jobs. I got an appointment with Dr. Mei-Dan and he recommended surgery. On April 1st 2019, I had bilateral hip arthroscopy, CAM resection, capsular plication, and synovectomy.

The first phase of recovery is the hardest, especially as a single mom but I had the best six year old helpers you could dream of and the support of the fantastic CU Sports Medicine Physical Therapy team. I trained myself to find the parallels between long distance running and the surgery recovery, here they are:

  1. If you think you are moving at a good pace, move slower.
  2. Break it down into increments when it starts feeling overwhelming.
  3. Some moments are powerful and progressive and some are gritting and grinding. All are okay, revel in the process.
  4. Being optimistically cynical never fails you…and stationary bikes feel like complete garbage after 100 mile runs or surgery.


Being able to start Pool therapy was immediately life changing for my physical ability. Four months after the surgery, I embarked on my longest run to date running 155 miles in three days around the Tour du Mont Blanc including all the extra summits and route variants. In September, I re-certified as a rope rescue technician, I took my twin daughters backpacking (with a weighted pack!), and cumulatively ran 300 miles, my shortest run at 27 miles and longest at 75 miles. I never thought any of this would have been possible a year ago and couldn’t help but feel disheartened thinking that an active lifestyle may no longer be feasible. I wish I had done this years prior. Dr. Mei-Dan and his entire team were wonderful and there to support  the whole way. I am SO grateful to the entire team and am looking forward to a lifetime of alpine starts and long mountain miles!”

“Dr. Mei-Dan's precision surgery and beautiful artistry has extended my professional artistic career as a Modern Dancer after I experienced a full thickness hamstring rupture. Six months after my surgery I was back in the dance studio creating and dancing...doing what I love to do the most!”
— Lyra Mayfield (Hamstring repair)
“Dr. Mei Dan and his exceptional team not only kept my running dreams alive, they have inspired me to pursue new ambitions in pro MTB as well.”
— Michele Yates
“Today I climbed two 14ers and just wanted to pass on the good news! I actually feel really good. Somewhat tight, but no pain!! I would love for you to pass the message onto Dr. Mei Dan. I know I’m not done with surgery, but Thank you for leading me to a pain free life!”
— Madison Flicker

“I was a trail runner—not a particularly talented one, but a passionate one. When my right hip started hurting, I thought I had tendinitis, and the worst thing I could imagine was being told I couldn’t run for six to eight weeks. What I was actually told—that I had hip dysplasia and that I would need two major surgeries to restructure my hip socket and femur—was devastating.

Choosing to go through with the surgery was one of the hardest decisions I’ve ever made, but choosing the right surgeon was a no-brainer. Dr. Mei-Dan took me seriously as an athlete and cared as much as I did about getting me back on the trails. And he’s clearly some kind of genius in the O.R. It’s amazing to have correct hip mechanics for the first time in my life!

My PT, Sue Torrence, is also a rockstar, and deserves all the credit for rebuilding me back into my old adventure-machine self. I’m now seven months post-op and I’m running Sanitas after work, climbing 14ers, mountain biking, and (the best part) plotting next year’s race calendar. I know my left hip will need the same surgeries in the future, and no way would I go anywhere else.”

—Annie Swanberg (PAO & DFO)
“I wanted to share with you and the rest of the hip team an amazing visual update, 8 and 12 months after my Bilateral PAO’s. Thank you all, for giving me my life back!”
— Erika Muhlrad (Bilateral PAOs)
Three years, 12 surgeries, SUCCESS. I had a unique combination of bilateral hip dysplasia, joint damage, adhesive capsulitis, and osteitis pubis that only you could have possibly unraveled. It has been an incredible three years of surgeries and recoveries, filled with care, support, and patience from you and your entire team. Thank you for your excellence and persistence. You have changed my life!
— Carey Martin
“Dr. Mei-Dan did PAO operations on both of my hips when I was in high school. Thanks to him and his team, I've been able to come back from my injuries to compete in college soccer. Thank you to Dr. Mei-Dan for bringing me this far!”
— Evan Toth (PAO)

After several years of what I thought was growing pains, Dr. Mei-Dan and his team helped me find the issue and bring me back to who I was before pain. Now I am back to being a competitive Irish dancer and just competed at Nationals for the first time in four years thanks to this amazing team. I seriously couldn’t have done it without them, they were amazing the entire time. 

— Meghan Tesch  (Hip Scope/DFO/PA)

“After a total of nine surgeries related to the hips, Meghan competed in Nashville last month at the Irish dance national competition. 
Three years ago she never thought she would be back on that stage. Thank you for everything!

– Becky Tesch, Meghan’s mom

“Hi! Today marks my 5 year PAO anniversary. Thank you for giving me this life back as it continues to just get better and better!”
— Aidan Ryan (PAO)
“From day one with Dr. Mei-Dan and the Hip Preservation Team, I had full confidence that I made the right choice. I appreciated their expertise, attention to detail and the way they listened to my concerns and questions. Their singular focus on a positive outcome is why I can focus on doing what I love today instead of a future where I may have to give up climbing.”
— Jonny Hork (Hip Arthroscopy)
“I had a fantastic experience working with Dr. Omer Mei-Dan and his team. He was the third surgeon I visited when ‘shopping’ for a solution for my hip pain. They listened to my concerns and goals and laid out a plan of action; I felt like they were as invested in the outcome as I was. Now I’m back to doing what I love, running trails for hours and days on end with no hip pain!”
— Kevin Goldberg (Bilateral Hip Scope)
“It has been two years since my PAO surgery and I have gotten back into all the things I love doing. I had the incredible opportunity to go to Africa and climb Mt. Kilimanjaro this past September without any issues! I am very grateful that my hip has allowed me to be as active and adventurous as I want to be!”
— Emma Hanson (PAO)