Hip Preservation Clinic

Hamstring Repair

Correcting Avulsion or Partial Tears of Hamstring Tendons

Surgical repair of the hamstring is performed under general anesthesia, and involves a small open incision to identify and suture the retracted hamstring tendons to their anatomical origin using 2-4 suture anchors. After surgery a knee brace is applied to protect the newly repaired tendons. Patients are to remain non-weight bearing in the locked brace – in various degrees of knee flexion – during the tissue healing and protection phase of the protocol. This phase usually is 6 weeks in length, but may be extended or shortened depending on the number of tendons involved, the degree of retraction, and the quality of the tissue involved in the repair. Always follow the specific directions of the surgeon.

Hamstring Repair
Surgical repair of hamstring tendon

Preparing for Hamstring Tendopaon Repair Surgery

Prior to surgery, the team recommends the following:

  • Maintaining a balanced diet (including calcium and Vit D)
  • Cessation of nicotine and marijuana use (if applicable)
  • Maintain cardiovascular fitness and strength as able prior to surgery
  • Identifying a trusted person to take you home from surgery and assist in days following surgery
  • Acquiring crutches
  • The hospital – BCH – will call to inform you of the time you should arrive at the hospital on the day of your surgery, and the time to begin fasting


Post-Operative Instructions
& Rehab Protocols

At discharge you will receive a post op folder with instructions on how to care for your dressings and when you may bath or shower. We ask that you do not remove your dressings unless they are saturated or leaking. The post op folder will also include your medication instructions, a Persons With Disabilities parking privileges application and your hip arthroscopy photos. There is a pain/medication tracking sheet you will be asked to fill out and bring to the first post op appointment. A hip preservation team contact list will also be provided; use this to reach out with urgent matters.