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Pivot Guardian Hip Distraction System

Dedicated Surgeon, Scientist and Inventor

Commercialized Devices Invented By Dr. Mei-Dan Are Now Used By Surgeons Worldwide

Most notably, Dr. Mei-Dan invented, patented and developed a post-less surgical bed and associated surgical technique which enabled Hip Arthroscopy without the use of a perineal post. This invention was later acquired and commercialized by Stryker, one of the largest medical companies in the field. This bed and associated technique changed the way hip arthroscopy is being performed globally.

Prior to commercializing this bed and popularizing this technique, no one in the world was performing hip arthroscopy sans post; the entire field used a perineal post, with significant, well known and “accepted” groin related complications which were considered by some surgeons as a “necessary evil”. Within three years of invention and commercialization, hundreds of surgeons have adopted Dr. Mei-Dan’s practice. This shift away from utilizing a perineal post has positively affected tens of thousands of patients across the globe, eliminating significant surgical complications such as impotence, vaginal tears, groin numbness or scrotal necrosis.

Winning Technology
Stryker Senior Marketing Manager, Matt Duren, with an award for the Pivot Guardian Distractor System invented by Dr. Mei-Dan.

Pioneering Surgical Techniques

Surgical Techniques Developed By Dr. Mei-Dan Have Been Adopted By Surgeons Worldwide

Over the course of many years of practice, Dr. Mei-Dan has developed a myriad of surgical techniques and devices used during surgery. In addition to the development of the aforementioned techniques, Dr. Mei-Dan has contributed to the disbursement of these novel methodologies via lab sessions, conferences, and operating room shadowing.