Advanced Treatment Of Hip & Pelvis Issues


Welcome to the CU Sports Medicine Hip Preservation Clinic. Our passion is diagnosing, analyzing, and treating the full spectrum of hip and pelvis disorders.

Return To A Fulfilling Life And Active Lifestyle


There are many physicians who perform hip replacement surgery, a viable option for some patients, but our service is dedicated to the preservation of the hip and prolonging high level physical activity. Few physicians perform hip arthroscopy, and even fewer execute complex realignment procedures of the pelvis and upper femur. Given the difficulty of accurately diagnosing hip problems, patients often exhaust possibilities through countless visits to multiple physicians.


An Experienced Team To Fix Multiple Disorders


Dr. Omer Mei-Dan is one of a select few surgeons in the nation who performs high volume cutting edge hip arthroscopy AND dysplasia realignment procedures. Rather than visiting multiple surgeons who must collaborate to devise a treatment strategy, you will see one surgeon who can integrate the complexities of a case to devise the most efficient, long-term treatment plan.


The Perfect Plan Devised For You


No two patients are the same; no two treatment plans are identical. Dr. Mei-Dan and his team have vast experience with everybody from people looking to get back to normal activities in life to professional athletes vying for championships. Let us explore the different options together and show you the path to a pain-free active lifestyle.

Dr. Mei-Dan at CU Sports Med Clinic
Dr. Mei-Dan at CU Sports Med Clinic

Dr. Mei-Dan
Dr. Mei-Dan

Dr. Omer Mei-Dan
Dr. Omer Mei-Dan

Dr. Mei-Dan at CU Sports Med Clinic
Dr. Mei-Dan at CU Sports Med Clinic



Hip Arthroscopy without a perineal post against your groin


Dr Mei-Dan is the inventor of the technique and associated surgical bed which enables the surgeon to perform hip Arthroscopy without a perineal post, eliminating all groin related complications.

The bed is now commercially available from Stryker Sports Medicine and is utilized by numerous surgeons nationally

Dr Mei-Dan's Minimally Invasive PAO Technique

Screen Shot 2019-11-19 at 13.11.10.png
Inside-out Labral Repair
Screen Shot 2018-08-02 at 22.30.12.png
Screen Shot 2018-08-02 at 22.30.17.png

Labral reconstruction - A good solution when your native labral tissue is irreparable (your own tissue is always better than a cadaver one if suitable for repair) 

Arth logo.png
Arthroscopic Hip Labral Reconstruction and Augmentation Using Knotless Anchors
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Simultaneous Bilateral Hip Arthroscopy

Faster retrun to play, more cost effective, Less time off work and life...

Improving our patients’ lives through research, development of cutting edge surgical techniques and repetition of successful procedures


Dear Omer 


"Wanted to thank you again for your work,

You‘ve given me back a great deal of my life! First, there is no more limping!

At 3 month from surgery, I run up to 15 km and did not even think about the hip anymore! It‘s a miracle and you are a magician! Thank you sooo much! 

We are now almost 6 months out and I’ve been running a lot, also uphill and have started ski mountaineering and ski skating. 

Running is a big part of me and when I took my first few steps running I had tears of joy in my eyes! No kidding!


So Thanks again" 


Dr. Isa Schöffl, Germany 

"Dr. Mei Dan and his exceptional team not only kept my running dreams alive, they have inspired me to pursue new ambitions in pro MTB as well."


Michele Yates

Lyra Mayfiled

"Dr. Mei-Dan’s precision surgery and beautiful artistry has extended my professional artistic career as a Modern Dancer after I experienced a full thickness hamstring rupture. Six months after my surgery I was back in the dance studio creating and dancing….doing what I love to do the most!"


Lyra Mayfield

"Dr Mei Dan and his staff gave me back a huge part of my life that I had lost due to years of constant pain. Now, Thanks to him and his work I am running, racing and loving life again."


Dani Wanner

"After 2 years of hip pain that limited my activities, caused me anxiety and really affected my quality of life I was diagnosed with impingement and labrl tears in both of my hips. Three months after bilateral Hip arthroscopy by Dr. Mei Dan I was back to light running and in the following months, after methodical rehab, I climbed 3 14er’s including one which required steep ice climb. It felt so GREAT! I never thought I could do this again and cried at the top!"

Chelsey Stillman


"I was a trail runner—not a particularly talented one, but a passionate one. When my right hip started hurting, I thought I had tendinitis, and the worst thing I could imagine was being told I couldn’t run for six to eight weeks. What I was actually told—that I had hip dysplasia and that I would need two major surgeries to restructure my hip socket and femur—was devastating. Choosing to go through with the surgery was one of the hardest decisions I’ve ever made, but choosing the right surgeon was a no-brainer. Dr. Mei-Dan took me seriously as an athlete and cared as much as I did about getting me back on the trails. And he’s clearly some kind of genius in the O.R. It’s amazing to have correct hip mechanics for the first time in my life! My PT, Sue Torrence, is also a rockstar, and deserves all the credit for rebuilding me back into my old adventure-machine self. I’m now seven months post-op and I’m running Sanitas after work, climbing 14ers, mountain biking, and (the best part) plotting next year’s race calendar. I know my left hip will need the same surgeries in the future, and no way would I go anywhere else."


Annie Swanberg, 35, (Bilateral) PAO/DFO March 2015

"Dr. Omer Mei-Dan performed a labral repair and micro-fracture surgery on my left hip in September of 2014. At the time of the surgery the pain in my hip kept me from being able to play lacrosse for the University of Denver. After I was able to walk without crutches I immediately noticed a difference and could walk pain free. Within a months after surgery I was back to running and upping my rehab in order to get back on the field to play the game I love, feeling better and healthier then I had in several years. Dr. Mei-Dan and the entire staff at CU Sports Medicine where amazing in taking care of my body and getting me back on the field."


            Brian Wegner 

"After 4 years of battling consistent hip pain, this weekend I was able do a gorgeous hike up Mt. Bierstadt in the snow, and then run the Bolder Boulder. Can't tell you how grateful I am to be back to doing what I love!


Thanks to you and your team for the excellent work!"



Alison Clowes


"I ski race on the masters circuit and have badly injured my hips over the years.  When I was ready for surgery. I talked to a number of people and created a short list of the best hip doctors in Colorado--the ones with national reputations.  They all told me I was beyond help and to come back to see them when I wanted a total hip replacement.  Then I went to CU Sports Medicine and met Dr. Mei-Dan. His team conducted a number of tests and he told me he could help me.  He gave me multiple options and this photo is what he really gave to me--the opportunity to continue to ski race. "


Anne Haggar Gibson

"I wanted to share with you and the rest of the hip team an amazing visual update, 8 and 12 months after my Bilateral PAO’s.

Thank you all, for giving me my life back! "


Erika Muhlrad

Rachel Sapp - 8.jpg

"I was born with a slight hip dysplasia that had increasingly started to weigh on me over the years as I became more active. I always dreaded the idea of having to go through surgery. As a long distance trail runner, trad/mixed/ice cimber, recovery held a degree of uncertainty that I wasn’t sure I wanted to gamble with. Professionally, I was active in emergency medicine, mountain search and rescue/technical rope rescue, climbing guiding. I got to a point where I couldn’t even put on a weighted pack, hold my twin daughters, bring in the groceries, or put my socks on in the morning. I had to leave all of my jobs. I got an appointment with Dr. Mei-Dan and he recommended surgery. On April 1st 2019, I had bilateral hip arthroscopy, CAM resection, capsular plication, and synovectomy. "


Rachel Sapp